Altru的心 & 血管 服务 offers comprehensive heart and vascular care at numerous convenient locations. As your health partner, our goal is to help you lead a healthy, enjoyable life. Our heart and vascular services include state-of-the-art equipment and operating rooms, 两个心导管实验室, 电生理实验室, 还有超声心动图和压力测试的检查室.


We are consistently ranked as one of the best hospitals for heart failure care by U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道. 一年一度的U.S. 新闻 Best Hospitals rankings recognize hospitals that excel in treating the most challenging patients. Altru的心 and 血管 服务 continues to demonstrate success in preventing deaths, 减少再入院和减少并发症.

心脏科位于 奥特鲁1300哥伦比亚. 通过以下方式申请预约 MyChart 或更多信息,请致电 701.780.6236.


Altru的心 & 血管 服务 patients tell the story of our care better than any award. Here’s what our patients had to say about their cardiology experiences:

“I was so impressed with the care that I didn’t even want to go home.” 

“他们救了我两次. 对于他们所做的一切,我说什么都不为过.” 

“Everything must have run like clockwork, or I wouldn’t be here.” 

Half of adults have at least one risk factor for heart problems—are you one of them? 通过回答几个问题来找出答案. 参加测试.


在Altru, 心脏病专家, 心脏和血管外科医生, 血管医学专家, 慢性伤口专家, 介入放射科医师, 护士, 治疗师, 营养师, 技术人员, and support professionals work collaboratively to provide comprehensive and compassionate heart and vascular care. 同时还要教育病人 心脏病预防, our team creates individualized treatment plans that fit your needs and lifestyle.


  • 心脏专科诊所 - Altru provides specialized heart clinics for all of your heart care needs. Our expert heart specialists in the Rhythm Management Clinic, 电生理学诊所, 成人先天性心脏缺陷门诊, 抗凝门诊, 心力衰竭成功诊所 and 心脏结构门诊 are here to help you keep your heart healthy.
  • 成人先天性心脏缺陷门诊 - Altru’s 心脏病学 supports visiting specialists in 提供 an 成人先天性心脏缺陷门诊 once a month at 奥特鲁1300哥伦比亚. For more information about the 成人先天性心脏缺陷门诊, call 701.780.6236.
  • 抗凝门诊 - Altru’s 抗凝门诊 provides special anti-clotting therapy through standardized medication, 监测方案和患者教育. 根据每个病人的需要, Altru’s 抗凝门诊 will review standard practices, teach individuals how and when to take their medication and provide information on any other lab work that may be needed. The 抗凝门诊 is located in our facility at 奥特鲁1300哥伦比亚. 欲了解更多信息,请致电 701.780.6743.
  • 心力衰竭成功诊所 - 奥特鲁心脏衰竭成功诊所 specializes in the treatment of patients with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Our multidisciplinary team determines an effective course of treatment to keep people from returning to the hospital or emergency room. This comprehensive clinic focuses on improving patient quality of life through medical treatment, 教育及支援服务. 欲了解更多信息,请致电 701.780.6236.
  • 心脏结构门诊 - Providers with Altru’s 心脏结构门诊 specialize in treatment of structural conditions of the heart.
  • 房间隔缺损(ASD)闭合 - An ASD is an opening between the heart’s two upper chambers. 虽然小洞并不总是需要修复, many larger ASDs can be “plugged” during a cardiac catheterization procedure. If the ASD can’t be repaired by cardiac catheterization, open-heart 手术 may be necessary.
  • 卵圆孔未闭(PFO) -出生前, every fetus has a natural opening between the upper chambers of the heart, and for about 75% of infants that opening closes completely within the first few months after birth. 如果井眼不闭合,问题就会出现, it can be repaired during a cardiac catheterization or open-heart 手术.
  • 经导管主动脉瓣置换术 - TAVR is a minimally invasive procedure for patients with aortic valve stenosis, 或者瓣膜变窄. This procedure replaces the aortic valve without opening the chest.
  • 守望 - 守望, 一次性植入物一次性植入的永久性植入物, can safely lower a patient’s risk for stroke without a bleeding risk. 在病人放置瞭望者之后, they no longer need the regular blood tests and restrictions on food and drink that are often in place with blood thinner use.


今天, we have a team of more than 20 providers across five specialties aimed at comprehensive heart and vascular care.


Altru’s cardiology services boast three state-of-the-art cardiac cath labs 提供 outpatient and inpatient cardiology care. 服务 include education, diagnostic examinations, treatment and interventions.


我们的心脏康复项目提供多种锻炼, education and risk factor modification to patients who are recovering from heart attack, 中风或心胸外科手术.


Altru’s cardiothoracic team specializes in surgical intervention for diseases of the heart. We offer a wide array of surgeries, including coronary artery bypass and valve repair or replacement.


Specialists in interventional radiology perform minimally invasive procedures using image guidance, 提供 visual road maps to safely guide instruments through the body.


Altru’s 血管医学 evaluates circulatory disturbances involving blood flow to the brain, 武器, 手, 腿和脚. We also provide individualized treatment plans for chronic wounds.


Skilled surgeons with Altru’s 血管手术 perform non-invasive diagnostic tests, 医学治疗, 微创手术和开放性手术, 在必要的时候.

Altru的心 & 血管 服务 are based in Grand Forks, with specialist outreach throughout the region.

If you need cardiac or vascular care, request an appointment through MyChart.


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